April 23rd, 2013


[ art dump 4/23 ]

April 23rd, 2013


San Fernando and Delaware.


February 25th, 2013

EDM raves are colorful places where you’ll find many interesting characters!



Except trying to draw while fist-pumping is fairly difficult.

Last night.

February 25th, 2013

For the record, I really did enjoy Paperman.

But it must be said…











[ traditional ftw ]


February 23rd, 2013



Super-early sneak of a project I’m working out. Stick around! :)

February 23rd, 2013



CARICATURES!!! Some street kids that would not get off my lawn. were skateboarding outside.


July 30th, 2012

Just did a 5-second short for Toonocracy, a collective of weekly animation & ridiculousness amongst a ridiculous collective of friends.

Mine is the last clip of the set– the theme here is fast food. Enjoy!

(If you don’t enjoy fast food in particular, stick around for the head injuries– which there are plenty of!)


July 20th, 2012

Unused concept artwork for a recent spot as part of a texting-and-driving prevention campaign by the Ad Council.

2012 Flash Animation Reel

July 16th, 2012

Its been a while, so I threw together a reel of what I’ve been up to, Flash animation-wise.

A shot breakdown can be found @
Planning on keeping this updated frequently, so stay tuned!

In other news, I’m going to try and dive into a lot more personal projects in the near future — something I’ve felt that I’ve let slide to the side for way too long. Take this site for instance. :P

Exciting Things in the Big, Exciting Real World [Part 2]

September 28th, 2010

And now something new!

Here’s a clip and some artwork from a flash-animated series pilot I worked on at Cosmic Toast earlier this year.

Storyboard panel, sketched in TVPaint.

Without revealing too much, the show centers around a team of super-powered kids who take the fight against childhood obesity up an epic peg, mostly against their arch-nemesis… a crazed, sugar-tempting super-villain.

Rough color concept of jungle, painted in TVPaint.

Final background of jungle, painted in Photoshop.

And– with the exception of Marina’s awesome character designs and David & Max’s soundtrack; plus loads of great feedback– I boarded, animated and composited the entire short myself, on and off over the span of a month or so.

[UPDATE] I should quickly note that despite my heavy involvement in the process, that I am not actually the creator of the show– rather, that distinction belongs to Kenny, Bill and David. Just FYI. ;)

Rough color concept of sky & clouds, painted in TVPaint.

Final background of playground, painted in Photoshop.

Though, as show-biz goes, we’re re-tooling the characters to appease the target-demographic gods, and likely creating a new pilot from scratch.  A bummer, sure– but this new direction is already shaping up to be way better than the former.

Storyboard sequence, sketched in TVPaint.

I’ll definitely post more as we continue developing this series… but for now, a short clip of an epic intercept of our bad guy on his remote-island hideout. Enjoy! ;)

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